The Next Mission To Mars?

I’ve always spoken very highly of Elon Musk. He is not just the founder of Tesla Motors, PayPal and SpaceX with a net worth of over 14 billion dollars, but his vision for the future is what drives progress and innovation.

In a shocking and bold move (even for him), the SpaceX company tweeted today that their next goal is a planned mission to the Red Planet in less than 2 years. This would make it the first private company to attempt such a feat.

The goal of the mission, whether it’s for scientific exploration or a demonstration of their technological prowess, remains unclear. They do however have a strong partnership with NASA and the most knowledgable engineers in the world to figure it out.

There really is no doubt to what SpaceX can accomplish. For more details on their mission to Mars, check out… SpaceX Reveals Planned Mission To Mars In 2018 at



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