What Negative Thinking Does To Your Brain

Chances are you’ve probably heard all about the benefits that positive thinking can have in a person’s life. There are countless books, articles, blogs and research that lists the many benefits an optimistic outlook can have. It affects everything around you from your relationships to your career to your self esteem and your emotional health. But what if someone was lacking in the area of positivity? What if you knew someone who had a hard time seeing the positive side of things and was solely focused on the negative?

Habitually negative thoughts can have just as big an impact. Neurologists have a lot of research backing up claims that the synapses in our brains can actually grow and alter their structures based on where we focus our thoughts, experiences and perceptions. The more we perceive negativity in our lives and focus our attention on all that is bad, the more our brains create and reinforce those neural pathways. Over time it becomes harder and harder to break those thought patterns since they are so engrained in our neural structure. But the good news is that it’s not impossible to change.

By fully engaging the mind in activities such as a good book or a crossword puzzle, we may actually be able to activate new neural networks to override our ruminative thought patterns. Practicing mindfulness and meditating regularly can also help break us out of these negative thinking habits.

So if you’re one of those people who still struggle to see the good in things, there is still hope to change. Your thoughts are not set in stone. Check out the article below to learn more.















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